GenAI Agents for Simple, Fast, and Accurate Sales and Revenue Operations

Tektonic unlocks new, previously impossible automation use cases from sales and revenue processes to broader business operations.

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Tektonic 101

Eliminate the manual work, tool fragmentation, and inaccurate data that slow you down.

Revenue teams use numerous apps, yet many tasks and decisions remain slow, manual, and reliant on expert support.

Reduce Digital Overload & Increase Autonomy

AI agents work with users to achieve goals, guiding steps and simplifying action.
Traditional automations are limited to the most repetitive task and cannot adapt to dynamic processes and context.

Streamline Inefficient Tasks & Complex Decisions

AI agents automate previously unsolvable processes to deliver better decisions and consistent outcomes.
Today’s applications and copilots are limited in scope and cannot handle unique business needs or multiple systems.

Close the Gaps Between Disconnected Systems & Interfaces

AI agents bridge disconnected data and system silos, and automate the unique processes your business runs on.

Agents in Action: Sample Use Cases

Tektonic’s GenAI Agents empower sales and revenue teams to complete work and make decisions autonomously, with simplified enablement and less reliance on deal-desk and other expert teams.

Quoting & Renewals

Accelerate closing time and optimize deal value with AI-assisted quoting and renewal, that brings contextual guidance, accurate information, and automated action.

Data Quality & Enrichment

Keep your systems accurate and enriched the latest information you need to move fast and make accurate decisions.

Customer Self-Service

Simplify and streamline self-service for your smaller prospects and customers, optimizing your sales costs and capturing more value downmarket.

How It Works

AI assists with natural interactions, aligning with business policies, adapting to context, and ensuring trusted, transparent operations.

Generative / Neural AI

Work with AI that understands intent, synthesizes information, and plans actions, simplifying tasks and decisions.

Rules / Symbolic AI

Apply control and predictability so the AI follows business rules and adapts to user and business context.

Trusted & Transparent

Built-in governance, from flexible deployment and AI providers, to enterprise-grade access control and auditing.

Founding Team

Industry veterans and entrepreneurs Nic Surpatanu and David Hsu co-founded Tektonic, after recognizing the opportunity to rethink business processes with a service layer that combines neural and symbolic AI. The team has deep expertise in AI, cloud, automation and enterprise software, from companies such as Microsoft, UiPath, Google, Meta, Amazon and eBay.

David Hsu, PhD
Co-founder, CTO
Nic Surpatanu
Founder, CEO
Mario Blendea
Head of Engineering
Paul Bryan
Chief Product Officer
Brandon Mark, PhD
Senior AI Scientist
Dmitry Ryzhkov
Staff Engineer


Steve Singh
Managing Director
Sri Chandrasekar
Managing Partner
Point72 Ventures
Ted Kummert
Venture Partner
Henry Huang
Madrona Venture Labs

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